Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, approximately half of U.S. chaplains practiced telechaplaincy. Since then, telechaplaincy has grown rapidly and is increasingly used throughout the world. It poses unique challenges and opportunities that require new skills to master.

However, there are few resources for chaplains to learn and improve their work, and chaplains and providers regularly request training to implement or improve telechaplaincy.

To meet this need, the Telechaplaincy Community of Practice, an international group of healthcare chaplains and researchers hosted by the Transforming Chaplaincy Initiative and the University of Zürich, was founded.

The Community of Practice meets regularly via Zoom to

Next meeting: December 8, 12-1 PM EST

At this meeting, Registered Psychotherapist and chaplain Terry Siolkowsky (Niagara Health, Ontario, Canada) will share “Walking with Wisdom”, which uses short stories from various wisdom traditions around the world which are shared with a group of patients and used as a catalyst for discussion. The group utilizes discernment skills to build awareness and understanding while inviting participants to applying new insights to their lives.

Although reflecting on wisdom and spiritual themes from various traditions, this group is not a prayer group or prayer service. It is open to everyone who shares an interest in reflecting on things that matter to the heart.

Terry will discuss how this group is delivered digitally, and the telechaplaincy-related challenges encountered. A group activity is included for participants to model a sample session.

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We currently meet four times per year.

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