Expanding Spiritual Health Access to the Outpatient Clinic Setting: Providence TeleSpiritual Health

With Charlie Shin and Deborah Thompson, Specialty Chaplains (TeleSpiritual Health), Providence Health and Services in Seattle, Washington.
Charlie Shin and Deborah Thompson shared how Providence patients, as in many health systems, experience gaps in access to spiritual health services across the continuum of care. The TeleSpiritual Health (TSH) pilot launched on December 4, 2023, to extend chaplain support to patients seen at the Providence Heart Institute of Oregon. Charlie and Deborah introduced TeleSpiritual Health and shared learnings since the launch. 
The brochure used to promote it is available here.

Presented to the Telechaplaincy Community of Practice (April 2024). 

Walking with Wisdom - Digital Delivery of a Discernment Skills-Based Support Group

Chaplain Terry Siolkowsky (Niagara Health, Canada) shared “Walking with Wisdom”, which uses short stories from various wisdom traditions around the world. Terry discussed how this group was delivered digitally, and the telechaplaincy-related challenges encountered. A group activity was included for participants to model a sample session.
PowerPoint slides are available here.

Presented to the Telechaplaincy Community of Practice (December 2023).

eHeart: A Spiritual Care Digital Platform in Denmark

Dr. Ricko Damberg Nissen, an anthropologist at the Research Unit for General Practice (University of Southern Denmark) talked about the development of “eHeart”, a digital platform for adult patients with cancer, their children and relatives.

Presented to the Telechaplaincy Community of Practice (August 2023).

Bereavement support through storytelling

Rev. Deadra B. Ashton and writer/storyteller Marv Klassen-Landis share how they launched a unique online bereavement support group at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center to help grieving patients through creative story telling.

PowerPoints slides are available here

Presented to the Telechaplaincy Community of Practice (April 2023).

Digital Spiritual Care – Quo Vadis? (University of Zurich, 14.9.23)

Digital technologies are increasingly part of healthcare: they are increasingly used to improve the treatment of patients, to shorten the length of stay in hospital, and to ensure medical care and interdisciplinary support after discharge. Last but not least, digitization is also changing the forms of communication between those receiving spiritual care, who are increasingly looking for meaningful offers on mobile devices.

The aim of this conference is to provide an overview of current developments and their opportunities and risks using exemplary examples, and to show and discuss innovative projects.

    • The following questions will be discussed: Which forms of digital spiritual care are particularly promising?
    • What are the prerequisites for the development of digital spiritual care
    • What can Switzerland learn from international experiences?
The conference will be held in German. Participation via livestream is possible.


Spiritual Care for the 21st Century An International Conference on the Theory and Practice of Telechaplaincy.

The first event of the Telechaplaincy Community of Practice was held onlineon October  19 and 20, 2022. It brought together over 20 healthcare chaplains, spiritual care providers, institutional leaders and managers who shared their experience with telechaplaincy. 

This conference gave an overview on current developments in telechaplaincy, and provided an opportunity to acquire and improve practical telechaplaincy competencies, and exchange and network with telechaplains in Europe and North America. 

The recording is freely available below as a didactic resource.

A thematic analysis of the event may be found here.


Webinar: Telechaplaincy

The Chaplaincy Innovation Lab is joined by a team of chaplains and researchers to discuss practical tips for implementing telechaplaincy, as well as what growing research says about this significant method of spiritual care.